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Tuesday, June 02, 2020
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Fully Devoted, Fully Engaged Christ-Followers: The Life of the Christ-follower -Pt.1 ~ -- James 1:2-15, by Pastor Bruce Burks Notes: "Voice of the Martyrs" - Places/incidents all over the world where Christians are being persecuted - beaten, imprisioned, martyred (Croatian pastors). Misconception in American Christianity not share by rest of the Church: come to faith in Christ and all troubles will be taken away. Most have learned that's not so, but we haven't stopped expecting it. We want/expect Revelation 21:4 now & in eternity. 3 Weeks ago: "Our Unchanging Father" - 1)Creator/Father of light, 2)God of light (no hidden darkness), 3)Doesn't change, 4)Chose to redeem us, 5)Only gives good/perfect gifts. Important to remember this as Christ-followers. Trust in the character of our Father God. James 1:1 - James saw himself as a bondslave of Christ. His life was not his own. Same is true for every believer. James 1:2-15 - The life of the Christ-follower is full of varied trials. Trials are inevitable - not if, but when. Trials happen to everyone - for unbeliever, intended to drive to God, help see need of Savior; for believer, intended to drive to God also, teach us to depend, give opportunity to grow in Christ. James tells us how to view/approach trials: 1)Consider it pure joy; 2)Ask for wisdom; 3)Align with God's perspective; 4)Live in hope; 5)Don't give into temptation. Today: "Consider it pure joy" James was writing to those who knew trials - scattered, suffering loss, were strangers, etc. Trial - "peirasmos" - "experiment, trial, attempt, proving; trial of man's integrity, fidelity, virtue; enticement to sin (Strong's) Face/encounter - "fall into, as to be encompassed by" (Strong's) Consider - "hedgeomai" - "to lead, go before, rule, have authority over, govern, influence," etc (Strong's) "Consider it pure joy" - Let this way of thinking have authority over you, influence you. Think about your trials in light of what God has in mind & let it be a cause/occasion for joy. Not the trial itself, so much, but what God is doing. Every trial is 1)By God's design - our Father who only gives good/perfect gifts, who doesn't change, who has redeemed us - He is at work & knows what He is doing! 2)Intended to test/prove/strengthen our faith (faith tested, not produced by trials - Romans 10:17). 3)Opportunity for growth "Develops perseverance" - "hypomone" (hupomone) - "steadfastness, constancy, endurance" (Strong's) God's aim is to perfect us - Romans 8:28-19, Philippains 1:6 Trials 1)Reveal areas of unbelief, 2)Reveal areas in life where need to grow up/mature, 3)Develop patience This proper perspective of trials involves surrender to God & trust in His character. The Fully Devoted, Fully Engaged Christ-follower doesn't seek to escape trials, but trusts him/herself to God their Father, delighting in His perfect and perfecting work!